An Interactive Session on Organic Farming & Food We Eat
with Dr Ramanjaneyulu & Dr Surendra Dara
The interactive session will cover a wide range of topics. Please don't forget to bring parents who are visiting from India. Below are top 5 benefits to attend the event...
  1. If you have questions about Organic Food, Genetically Modified (GM) food and whether it is safe for your family or not
  2. If you have questions about Backyard farming at your home (where to find seeds, what soil to use, how to protect from insects etc)
  3. If you are interested in agriculture whether it is in US or India
  4. We are all from villages, and from farming background. Mitti movie will touch your heart, answer a lot of questions about the state of farmers
  5. Dr Ramanjaneyulu, Dr Surendra, Masthan (local organic farmer) and Darlene (backyard organic farmer) can answer a wide range of your questions

LATA Farming



If you ever thought of entering into agriculture (in US or in India), or if you have questions about GMOs or Organic Food, or if you just wanted to know why our farmers in India are regularly falling into debt traps, this is a great interactive forum. The two guests, Dr Ramanjaneyulu GV and Dr Surendra Dara are experts in the field, and you can ask them a wide range of questions.
Dr Ramanjaneyulu is a well renowned agricultural scientist who has extensively worked in all parts of India, and in several countries promoting sustainable farming methods. In this tour he is screening "Mitti - Back to the Roots" movie which trys to explain the current state of farmers in India, and trys to explore solutions for their problems. We will screen the movie first, and have the interactive session next.
Dr Surendra Dara, a crop advisor at UC Davis. He has extensively toured US and several countries to train the farmers on increasing productivity and pesticides. We are lucky to have him on the panel as well. If you are thinking of farming locally here, he can be a great resource.
We will also have a couple of local organic vegetable growers. You may interact with them as well. Tea and snacks will be provided. 
Due to limited seating, we urge you to come early and reserve the seat.
Time: February 19thMonday - 5 PM to 8 PM

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